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The Barking Playground Pet Services was created so that a place would exist where your canine family member is our absolute focus. We are animal lovers and we all have vast amounts of training and experience working with dogs.

We offer a high end dog daycare service where we only take in 3 dogs a day. These dogs spend the day in our home with us and running around our back yard. We take the dogs on a 1.5 hour walk during the day. We make it so you can go about your day and not feel any guilt. Your dog will be kept busy and enjoy the time away from you, while they play.

We also offer a professional dog walking service. This service is perfect for people that realize their dog needs the exercise but do not have the time or ability to walk the dog. We pick your dog up, take your beloved dog for a 1.5 hour hike through parks and back trails, then return the dog home to you. This allows you to have a more manageable and better behaved pet.

In addition we have staff that are trained in dog obedience, that can assess and work out a plan to try to curtail the behavior issues your dog is having.

Please see the services tag above for the services we offer and the prices.

Friday Dog Walking Special

$20.00 for an 1.5 hour walk.

We pick the them up and drop them off. 

Contact us ASAP for this special tomorrow!

(Deal can not be combined with any other)